How is remote work related to vpn usage?

Working from home and using VPN extensions.

Remote work is closely related to VPN usage because VPNs are often used by remote workers to securely connect to their company’s network and access company resources.

When an employee works remotely, they typically connect to the internet through a public network, such as a coffee shop or library Wi-Fi, which can be less secure than a private network.

But remote workers may need a secure connection to access their company servers, drives, printers, data storage – from the distance. This is the reason why Virtual Private Networks are used

Using a VPN encrypts the employee’s internet connection and creates a secure tunnel between their device and their company’s network, which helps protect their sensitive data from prying eyes and cyber threats.

In addition to providing secure access to company resources,

VPNs also allow remote workers to bypass geographic restrictions and access online services that may be restricted in their location, such as social media sites or streaming services.

How is vpn use related to remote working from home.

As remote work (wfh) has become more common, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of VPNs has also increased.

According to a report by Atlas VPN, the global VPN usage increased by 33% in 2020, with the largest increase coming from countries that implemented work-from-home policies in response to the pandemic.

Overall, VPN usage is an important tool for remote workers to ensure secure access to company resources and protect sensitive data, and the growth of remote work is driving the increased adoption of VPNs.

VPN services are completely legal in most countries , but they are banned or restricted in few countries.