Italy has blocked Openai ChatGPT services but VPN users can still use it

Italian Garande has banned ChatGPT in Italy.

The only way to bypass it is to use a VPN service and Italians can continue using it.

ChatGPT banned in Italy
ChatGPT banned in Italy – the screen message

Italians can designate another country as their location when using a VPN service or a popular well-known VPN extension.

Openai would not recognize the connection as Italian and would enable access to Openai services.

ChatGPT will refund all the Italian users who had purchased the ChatGPT Plus services.

Italy’s Data Protection Authority ( also known as Garante ) has  temporarily banned OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot and launched a probe over a suspected breach of application’s data collection.

The agency accused Microsoft ChatGPT of failing to check the age of its users who are supposed to be at least 13 ears old.

The GPDP says Openai has 20 days to explain what measures it’s taken to meet the requirements, and may face fines of up to €20 million if it fails.

The Italian regulator has previously banned the chatbot app in February for failure to properly process data and protect minors.

Replika has become notorious for the personal relationships some users develop with the chatbot, with many expressing disappointment after the company recently removed the option for erotic conversations.

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